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Why is prescription importation important to you?
What would happen if you didn't have affordable access to your medication?


We are retired and on a fixed income. An increase in medication is extremely difficult for us. Using Northwest Pharmacy in Canada saves us about $1,000 per year. Savings on our medication allows us to travel to see our children and grandchildren.



October 7, 2022


The cost of my drugs and limiting the access to these medications gives me second second thoughts on our healthcare system. Yearly cost of just one drug is 3200$ under part d. Cost from Canada drugs is just 640$. Having the option removes the continuing stress of access to meds.




It’s important to me because I would not be able to afford my medication. I pay $950.00 a month for health insurance. I am allergic to metformin. I am pre diabetic. My doctor prescribed rybelsus and of course, my insurance co won’t cover it. With the Canadian pharmacy I am using I can get a 90 day supply for $850.00. It’s still expensive, however, it’s so much less than what I would normally have to pay - $1400.00 a month in the US. I feel better and I can go to work and spend time with my family without feeling so horrible as I did with metformin.


October 17, 2022


If I didn't get my inhaler from a Canadian pharmacy, I would have a nonstop cough. In USA best deal is 440$ per month. Through a Canadian pharmacy I get a three month supply for 320$, or about 107$ per month, saving 330$ a month.



The drug Eliquis will cost me $600 for three months with my prescription D coverage in the U.S. Getting it from a Canadian Pharmacy the price is $195.00 for 5 months.




My 17 yo daughter became suddenly ill at 14 with several chronic conditions. Despite having good insurance through my employer, there are 2 medications they will not cover. Motegrity which enables her GI system to function and without made her severely sick and nauseated 24 hrs/day. All other medications have proven ineffective. Corlanor is so far the only medication that keeps her heart rate from fluctuating dangerously high when just sitting and standing. To pay out of pocket for these would be at least $600/month, which would be impossible for me to cover. I would have trouble even getting these medications at full cost in the US because she is under 18. Together, they would cost close to $1000/month, if I could get them at all. These medications are literally life saving for my daughter.


Citrus Heights

October 26, 2022


I would have to stop lifesaving meds without prescription importation. In the US I paid over $600.00 for one medication a month, from Canada it is just $300.00.



Prescription importation is critical. Without it, I would be struggling to afford asthma medication. The cost for one month's worth of inhaler was $279.62, whereas when I import it, the cost is $49.19, a savings of over $230!




I wouldn’t be able to afford my prescriptions at the current U.S. prices, which are outrageous. I’d have to choose between basic housing, food and prescriptions. In the U.S. it was approximately $1092.00 a month. Currently paying approximately $195.00 a month. I’m currently saving approximately $892.00 a month.



November 28, 2022


Cost is the main reason I use an importation pharmacy as my Health Insurance does not cover it. Currently the cost of my prescription is approx. $500/3 month supply if bought in the USA. By ordering it from a legitimate pharmacy in Canada, I save $400/3month supply, which is a $1600/year savings. This is huge!!

New York


November 20, 2022


It was a lifesaver when my wife was alive (Parkinson's & Dementia) and as my heart medication has tripled in cost I was forced to buy from Canada at 50% of the new US price.




I would have to pick and choose which meds to take or cut the roses if not for prescription importation. My medication costs two-thirds more in the US then Canada.


November 27, 2022

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