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A new poll shows that more than 85 percent of voters believe that lowering drug prices should be a key priority for Congress. The poll, conducted by GS Strategy Group, also showed that about 75 percent of those surveyed said that Congress needed to do more about high drug prices.

We agree! Americans have been carrying the burden of skyrocketing pharmaceutical prices for far too long – and not enough is being done to change the situation. #BigPharma has been given free rein to set prices and increase prices and there have been way too many outrageous examples of price gouging in recent years.

If we are silent and don’t stand up to #BigPharma, who will? How can we expect change if those who are most affected don’t fight to make change happen? How much longer will we tolerate this unacceptable situation?

We thought so…share your story, join the fight, don’t give up!

The full story on the study here:

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