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Today, Vermont’s Senate voted unanimously to purchase and import prescription drugs from Canada.

Although the bill would legalize importation of prescription medications via wholesale rather than personal prescriptions, we believe that this is a promising sign that importation as a solution to high drug prices is gaining momentum.

At this time, it is not clear how this bill, if it became law, would directly impact a person’s ability now to import personal prescription drugs from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada. The law does not provide for personal importation but only wholesale which will be established under the auspices of the Vermont state authorities.

Furthermore, Vermont would have to obtain a federal waiver to implement the law and import pharmaceuticals into the state.

Other states hopefully will take notice, as well as the federal government.

Vermont’s federal delegation is also in the process of proposing a bill to allow for importation of some prescription drugs and placing price caps on select prescription.

We will be watching this closely, stay tuned to our blog for more details on activities within the states as they become available.

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