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David Lazarus today wrote a revealing article uncovering the truth behind recent ads from a Big Pharma front group.

As he writes, “[No one] will be shocked to learn that the U.S. drug industry works aggressively to prevent Americans from obtaining meds from Canadian pharmacies at a fraction of the cost charged in this country.”

The ads attempt to link counterfeit medications and safe and affordable medications from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada, yet the reality is that this group was created to use fear tactics to help protect Big Pharma profits from high drug prices in the US.

Lazarus goes on to point out that the US is the largest importer of drugs from abroad, which amounts to approximately $85 billion of medications are imported from abroad each year. So much for their argument about all imported medications being counterfeits or even substandard.

Big Pharma has been highly critical of any drugs coming from China and India, specifically. In fact, China and India account for about 80% of the active ingredients in prescription drugs sold in this country, as Lazarus points out. Hmmm…so much for their argument that anything coming from China and India is unsafe.

The list of atrocities is endless, honestly, yet high drug prices continue to skyrocket. Share your perspective, and share your story by visiting our testimonials page. And in the meantime, here is a link to the full LA Times article.

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