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Millions of sick Americans have saved millions of dollars by ordering their prescription drugs from online pharmacies. Yet for all the good is has done for so many people, pharmaceutical companies and lobby groups in the U.S. are doing everything they can to scare people away from using international online pharmacies, including legitimate Canadian pharmacies. We know the pharmaceutical industry is not a fan of online pharmacies or personal importation; it cuts into their bottom lines.

Diane Archer, Chair of the Board of Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, recently interviewed Kelly Ann Barnes, Vice President of Pharmacy Checker is a company which verifies online pharmacies. The interview is something everyone should read. The article dispels mis-information of the pharmaceutical lobby and reflects the reality that there are international pharmacies that are legitimate and dispense authentic drugs.

The interview also dealt with the role third party verification plays in the online pharmacy industry. Regularly using secret shoppers to ensure the medication being sold is the product that is received, making sure prescriptions are always required for prescription drugs, even conducting onsite inspections to make sure all practicing standards are met. Organizations like Pharmacy Checker and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) provide independent evaluations of online pharmacies to help people find safe, legitimate online pharmacies for their prescription medication needs.

The proof of the effectiveness of personal importation are the millions of Americans who have managed to control their conditions by ordering drugs online and have experienced no harm from it. The pharmaceutical industry does not want Americans feeling safe or at ease ordering from online pharmacies, nor they do not want personal importation to be an option for anyone. But for millions of Americans, it is the only way they can afford their medications. Third party verification organizations like Pharmacy Checker and CIPA add an extra layer of security for Americans looking to internet pharmacies for an alternative to the high prices they are forced to pay locally.

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