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We talk about the benefits of personal prescription importation, yet sharing personal stories is the best way to truly understand how safe and affordable importation from licensed, legitimate pharmacies can make a difference.

The latest testimonial that we would like to share with you is from a doctor who has been ordering his medications from an online pharmacy in Canada for many years, here is his story:

Jack Winberg, a retired physician who lives in Florida, has been importing Advair and other medications from Canada for several years. In the U.S., the cost would be $400 but in Canada, the cost is only $180, which means that he saves approximately $220 per month. His doctor has never had any concerns that the medications in Canada are any different than the medications in the U.S. and supports his decision to import his personal prescriptions from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies.

Dr. Winberg gave us permission to use his story because he believes that safe and affordable importation can help other Americans who struggle to pay skyrocketing prices for their prescription medication.

The value of sharing stories like this should not be underestimated as it helps to represent the realities of personal prescription importation for Congressional leaders and other decision makers who have the power to make positive changes to lower the high price of medications.

Please visit this link to share your story today:

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