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Recently, Tarbell posted a story exposing Big Pharma’s scheme with the Obama Administration to dissuade Americans from using international online pharmacies.

On June 11, Florida State Representative Danny Burgess asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the matter and we love this development!

As Burgess states, “I believe that an open, and transparent investigation by the Department of Justice is warranted in this instance. Attempts by the Executive Branch, or members of a particular industry, to stifle their competition or to prevent citizens from having access to all available safe and affordable options is unconscionable.”

The story that sparked this call for action – Keeping International Pharmacies Under a Cloud – focused on how Big Pharma worked with the Obama Administration to instill fear in consumers about cheaper prescription medications from foreign sources.

The article exposes fear-mongering front groups that assert that cheaper medications are unsafe, when in reality their only fear is loss of profits from exorbitantly-priced American drugs. The reality is that millions of Americans have accessed safe and affordable medications from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies for more than a decade.

Many advocates have come forward to point out that their claims are largely unfounded but the attacks continue as they are losing ground to keep prices high.

To read the full letter to AG Jeff Sessions, click here.

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