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Now more than ever it’s essential to stay home, avoid public places where germs can spread and to get everything you can delivered amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, even your prescriptions (or maintenance medications) can be purchased without ever stepping into a store — including your prescriptions.

That’s especially important if you are home sick, but you need your medications. You also need to get them without having to leave your home or coming into contact with anyone else. That’s why prescription delivery services can be a game-changer compared to going the standard pharmacy route where you have to drive through or walk in to get your meds.

Safe Affordable Medications

Discounts of up to 80% (compared to U.S. pharmacy prices) are available to U.S. citizens on the sale of pharmaceuticals and maintenance medications (but not controlled substances) in 30 to 90-day quantities from Canadian online pharmacies that are licensed and regulated by the government for safety and quality assurance.

How can you find one of these safe affordable pharmacies? We recommend choosing safe and accredited pharmacies like those approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. These pharmacies have periodic inspections of all dispensing facilities and have robust safety and privacy protocols to ensure patient safety.

Cautionary Note

Before purchasing medications from an online pharmacy, make sure that they follow strict safety and privacy protocols; and to consult your primary care physician prior to changing your prescription or exploring new medications.

Websites accredited by Canadian International Pharmacy Association will always:

  • Require a valid prescription before dispensing medications;

  • Obtain demographic and medical information and maintain a health profile with medication history to avoid adverse drug interactions;

  • Have a licensed pharmacist on staff to supervise dispensing of medications and provide consultation upon request;

  • Protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal records and contact information;

  • Not sell controlled substances, narcotics, pseudoephedrine products, or highly temperature sensitive products.

  • Meet website security requirements;

  • Publish contact information for customer service;

  • Sell quantities of approximately 3-months’ supply at a time; and

  • Disclose pharmacy location prior to purchase

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