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Update 4/24: The President’s Speech has been delayed, we will keep you posted when we find out the reschedule date!

While many healthcare policy experts are focused on guessing what the President will say on Thursday, we are in wait-and-see mode.

There has indeed been a lot of talk about taking action, but we haven’t seen true meaningful action to lower the high price of drugs. Yet, there could be dramatic changes that could change the situation for millions of Americans who struggle to afford their medications and we are aware that the President has the power to create these drastic lasting changes.

So, we are hopefully optimistic that the time has come to do something.

We look forward to a day in which we no longer read headlines about dramatic price increases without any rationale. We look forward to hearing positive stories from people who no longer struggle to pay outrageous prices in the U.S.

If the President does not deliver on his promises, then we will be here to fight for safe and affordable personal prescription importation from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada.

Please join us in hoping for the best but fighting for change if we continue to be let down by lawmakers.

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