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On Monday, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) sounded off on skyrocketing drug prices. She has a long history of fighting for affordability and accessibility of prescription drugs, including being responsible for a law to increase generic competition and reduce costs that took effect in 2017.

In this video, she discusses her latest efforts to reduce Americans’ prescription drug expenses and ensure access. She also shares the story of people who have to leave pharmacies in Maine without their prescriptions because the prices are too high and they cannot afford them (approximately at the 8-minute mark).

She express her frustration over the lack of rationale or explanation for the price increases and shares several stories of people who are struggling to access safe and affordable prescription medications and poses the question, ‘What can Congress do?’

We hope that more decision makers in Washington stand up and join the fight to reduce high drug prices, something must be done!

You can access the video here:

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