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In recent months, there have been many calls to action and futile proposals to lower the high cost of drugs.

Including drug prices in ads will not lower prices, but is a good work around to fold into messages about how something is being done. Yet, in reality nothing is being done.

States have taken up the fight, and many states have gotten laws passed to allow pharmacists to share information when consumers can get a lower price for their medications.

Many candidates included lowering high drug prices in their campaign platforms, and only a couple weeks after the election it is not entirely clear if they are going to stick to their promises.

We know that millions of people have imported their personal prescriptions from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada. While drug prices continue to skyrocket, many Americans have figured out how to gain access to safe and affordable medications through importation.

We hope that something is done to lower the high price of drugs but in the meantime, every proposal should be viewed with skepticism based on the political pressures to do something combined with pressures from Big Pharma not to do anything.

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