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You need your medication to maintain your quality of life, to get it you have to sacrifice your quality of life. Americans are unable to support the increasing prices of prescription drugs. Sooner or later, something has to give. For many Americans, they’ve already started seeing their standard of living decline.

According to Consumer Reports 31% of people who saw an increase in their prescription drugs in 2015 spent less on groceries, 25% used their credit cards more often, 25% spent less on their families, 19% postponed paying other bills and 10% postponed retirement to maintain health insurance. It’s clear that people are being forced to make big sacrifices simply to maintain their health.

Big Pharma likes to say that high prices are necessary to fund R&D, but they spend more on direct advertising and marketing than they do on R&D. In fact in 2013, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies spent on average 50% more on marketing than they did on R&D.

Americans are experiencing a decreased standard of living due to high prescription drug prices, and big pharma’s explanations aren’t good enough. Instead of sacrificing their quality of life, personal importation from Canada is a solution that is available today. In fact, many Americans have already turned to ordering their prescription drugs online from Canada, knowing they can get safe drugs at a price they can afford. We’ve said it so many times; the government needs to act on this, Americans cannot endure these high prices any longer.

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