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This Politico story highlights the tension between the Administration and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on importation. While Azar has said that he will support importation efforts, he has shown reluctance as the legislation moved forward in Florida.

As the article points out:

“At an Oval Office meeting last month, Trump repeatedly pushed Azar about what HHS was doing to help DeSantis import prescription drugs to Florida from other countries. But Azar instead focused on other efforts that he said would lower drug prices – a tactic that frustrated Trump said Rep. Gaetz, the Florida Congressman who attended the meeting.

According to someone in the meeting, Azar showed a clear lack of enthusiasm.

Even though the legislation passed, implementation could take a long time particularly if the Health Secretary does not support fully the idea of importation.

This further points to the disconnect between the leaders who are in a position to affect real change to help lower the high price of drugs.

Health care, and drug prices in particular, will be a critical issue in the 2020 election cycle and importation is a promising solution for elected officials and candidates to support.

We will be watching closely!

For the full article, click here.

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