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Recently, Martin Shkreli was sentenced to seven years in prison for securities fraud. You may remember him as ‘Pharma Bro’ – the name he was given after he decided to raise the price of an old life-saving drug by more than 5,000%.

Problem is – as we all know – he is not the only Big Pharma exec who raised drug prices and tried to get away with it, but he did face criminal prosecution while other pharma execs continue to wreak similar havoc on American consumers without penalty or challenges.

While the debate rages on in Washington and states resort to coming up with their own proposals to take action, the madness of high prescription drug prices continues at pharmacy counters across the country.

Not much progress has been made since the issue erupted years ago. Pharma Bro’s unapologetic attitude may have made the difference in getting him in hot water as opposed to his cronies in the industry, but why aren’t we all outraged that they are allowed to behave this way repeatedly with no changes to how drug prices are set?

If we are quiet then we are guilty of allowing it to continue, join in the fight with us!

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