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Recently, The Chronicle in Greater Lewis County, Washington published a letter to the editor from a woman who imports her daily prescription medications from Canada to save money.

In her letter, she points out that Canada and the U.S. have equivalent safety standards, and that she can now afford her medications because she purchases them from Canada.

As she writes, “Both [insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies] have a stranglehold on the American people to get as much money as possible out of them…As free citizens of a free country, every American should be able to purchase their medications wherever they please. It should be one of our freedoms, and our right.”

She calls on Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Patty Murray (D-WA) to take action against the high price of drugs.

[Update: On March 3, Senator Cantwell joined with Senator Bernie Sanders and 30 other Members of Congress to introduce legislation to allow importation of safe and affordable daily prescription medications from Canada.]

We support and applaud efforts to raise awareness for this important issue, for more information on how you can take action, please visit this link.

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