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The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel published our op-ed today, Floridians Aren’t Naïve About High Drug Prices.

The headline is in reaction to all the misleading messages from opponents of importation who claim that Americans are naïve and don’t do their homework when ordering their medications. In reality, these opponents are usually the same people who are benefitting from skyrocketing high drug prices and have a vested interest in making sure prices stay high.

Not only does our community tell us repeatedly that they do all the appropriate due diligence in seeking out safe and affordable medications, but they also tell us that they are wise to the dubious ways of Big Pharma in trying to use smoke-and-mirror messaging to protect their profits at the expense of struggling Americans.

In the op-ed, we share the story of Dr. Jack Winberg, who has been ordering his medications from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada for many years:

Jack Winberg, a retired physician who lives in South Florida, has been importing medications from Canada for several years. In the U.S., the cost for all of his medications would be $400 but in Canada, the cost is only $180, which means that he saves approximately $220 per month. His doctor has never had any concerns that the medications in Canada are any different than the medications in the U.S. and supports his decision to import his personal prescriptions from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies.

Sharing his story, and the stories of other people who regularly purchase their medications from Canada, helps to illustrate the realities of personal prescription importation.

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Read the full op-ed here:

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