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This evening, the New York Times hosted a TimesTalksDC event, “The Press and Trump’s Washington” featuring Executive Editor Dean Baquet, White House Correspondent Maggie Haberman, Chief White House Correspondent Peter Baker, and Media Columnist and moderator Jim Rutenberg.

President Trump prioritized the high cost of pharmaceuticals early in his presidency, yet as we have seen in recent months many other priorities have shifted this focus. While this is understandable considering recent events, Americans need someone to take a hard stand on prescription drug pricing and President Trump could make sweeping and immediate changes.

Baker pointed out that ‘there has been a lot of talk, but not a lot of action’ with this Administration, which has definitely been the situation with the high price of drugs issue.

President Trump’s relationship with the media has been contentious to say the least, but the premise of this event was that reporters who cover the President closely can share insights on his behavior and motivations. The moderator referred to Maggie Haberman as the “Trump Whisperer” as she has made it her mission to better understand him.

All panelists agreed that the dynamic between the President and his Administration and the media has been unprecedented. Baker asserted that this is the most transparent President that has been in office in our lifetime.

Yet, with all the talk of fake news and attacks on the media, the role of the media has become more important than perhaps ever before.

Newspapers once depended solely on advertising, and now they depend on readers and subscribers more than advertisers. This means that readers can hold considerable sway over what is being reported and how it is reported. Baker mentioned that he can get 200 emails from a single story, and he tries to respond to the majority of those emails. Baquet similarly said that he spends considerable time mulling over and responding to reader feedback.

The bottom line is that it is important to share your input and feedback with reporters who are on the front lines everyday. Most news outlets will include a link to reporters’ emails on their website, and many have Twitter accounts as well. We also encourage you to comment on media stories. If you need help tracking a reporter down, please email us at

Make your voice heard on the importance of affordable and safe access to prescription drugs today!

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