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Unfortunately, 2020 has not brought the long awaited fresh beginning to the tired refrain of outrageous price hikes.

Big Pharma raised U.S. list prices on more than 250 drugs this week, according to analysts. Most of the price increases are below 10% and the median price increase landed around 5%.

But wait, there could be more… as not all expected price increases have been announced. Several drugmakers have pledged to keep price increases below 10% this year in reaction to mounting pressure from the patient community and lawmakers.

We will be watching closely as the Department of Health and Human Services recently released a draft plan for Rx importation as a potential solution to the problem of high drug prices.

Personal prescription importation from Canada is safe and affordable. U.S. drug prices are higher than any other country in the world and there is a solution. Support Rx Importation and let’s end the madness in 2020.

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