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Today, Kaiser Health release new data showing more than half of the public – 52% – believe that passing legislation to bring down #RxPrices should be a top priority for President Trump and Congress, yet less than half the public – 39% – say they are confident that they will be able to deliver on the promise to lower prescription drug prices.

The survey also revealed that 72% of Americans say #BigPharma has too much influence on lawmakers, more than even the National Rifle Association. Seven in ten people say that their influence is similar to other entities such as large businesses and Wall Street.

We all know that healthcare is big business in America when profits are put before patients, and this poll makes it clear that change is needed. The debate has been raging on for many years and real action has been elusive.

We support Americans who struggle to afford these high-priced medications, and any efforts to amplify their opinions and perspectives is a positive step forward.

Read more about the poll here:

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