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Today, Oxfam America released a report showing that several Big Pharma companies are guilty of dodging taxes rather than investing in healthcare.

“No one should watch their children suffer without healthcare or be forced to choose between buying food or the medicines they need to stay alive. But big drug companies… are making billions in profits while cheating women with sky-high drug prices and millions of dollars in dodged taxes,” as stated in the report.

Oxfam reviewed corporate balance sheets of several big pharma companies and uncovered evidence that these corporations ‘appear to be using offshore tax havens to dodge billions of dollars in tax.’

We support efforts to expose manipulative practices that result in high prescription drug prices and inhibit access to safe and affordable medications for Americans. This report should be a wake up call to Congressional leaders that it is time to act to put an end to egregious behavior on behalf of big pharma.

As stated in the report, “We will fight to ensure these companies stop cheating poor people, especially women and girls, out of billions. Join us and demand that drug companies pay their fair share of taxes and make their medicines affordable.”

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