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This week, AARP released a report – Power of the 50-Plus Voter – showing that older Americans are frustrated over the high cost of prescription drugs and expect their elected officials to do something.

The survey captured findings from 650 Americans age 50 and older who voted in the 2016 election.

A few highlights from AARP:

  • 76 percent of older Americans think prices for prescription drugs are the result of big drug company monopolies or the deals their lobbyists make. About 74 percent of Trump voters also believe this.

  • 78 percent of Americans 50 and older think that allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies to lower prices would save money for the program. Among Trump voters, 67 percent agree.

  • 96 percent of older Democrats say they would be more favorable to President Trump if he let Medicare negotiate drug prices to save money. And 94 percent say they would be more favorable if he could reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

These findings are consistent with previous research on the issue, including an AARP survey of nearly 2,000 adults age 50-plus released last year that found the majority of older Americans — 81 percent — think drug prices are too high, and nearly 9 in 10 want politicians to do something. For the report and more analysis from AARP, please visit

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