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Our Executive Director, Tracy Cooley, published an op-ed in today’s Morning Consult on the importance of access to safe and affordable medications.

In the piece, Cooley draws attention to tactics intended to connect ‘the devastating impact of illegally obtained opioids to safe and affordable medications that are available through licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada.’

Licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada should not sell narcotics and opioids, in particular.

As she states, “Safety is not up for debate. A drug is either safe, or it is not — it is that simple.”

Rogue pharmacies will sell opioids in any quantity on demand without a prescription, as pointed out in the op-ed. CPPI believes that it is ‘critical to be vigilant in identifying and shutting down these operations to protect Americans.’

“This is not up for debate as it endangers the lives of Americans,” writes Cooley.

If you need help finding a licensed, legitimate online pharmacy that you can trust, please visit this link.

The full op-ed can be accessed here:

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