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A new survey show that three-quarters of Americans consider the prices of prescription drugs in the U.S., according to the recent West Health Institute/NORC at the University of Chicago survey.

More specifically, sixty-five percent of Americans are extremely or very concerned about the cost of prescription drugs, while 24 percent are moderately concerned and only 11 percent are not very or not concerned at all.

In regards to importation, sixty-five percent say Americans should be able to buy medication from Canada.

Eighty-eight percent say reducing the cost of prescription medication should be a priority for candidates this year; 30 percent say it should be the top priority.

Based on the increased attention devoted to importation as a way of lowering the high cost of drugs, it is positive that so many Americans support importation at a time when many people are desperate for a solution. We know that millions of Americans have safely and affordably ordered their personal prescription medications from Canada from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies.

You can access the full Issue Brief here

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