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We believe it is promising that importation has been getting attention lately. The Department of Health and Human Services is considering a plan to import medications for specific medications in specific situations.

While we recognize this is limited, it is hopeful that importation is now getting the attention it deserves.

The reality is that importation is working, millions of Americans have imported their personal prescriptions from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies safely and at considerable savings.

So, why wouldn’t importation work if it is overseen and regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services? The answer is simple, it would work. It would save Americans a lot of money, not to mention savings to the health care system overall.

Perhaps most importantly, this opens the door for a public discussion on the benefits of importation and how it can open access to safe and affordable medications for more Americans.

This is a good time to share your stories to illustrate how it has worked for you. Visit

These stories are critical for helping policymakers and decisionmakers understand the realities of importation and encouraging wider adoption. Americans have a right to safe and affordable medications and we will continue fighting for you!

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