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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation!

Our goal is to promote and protect the ability to purchase safe, affordable health maintenance medications from licensed Canadian pharmacies. Many seniors and others on fixed incomes and low-income individuals rely on importation of health maintenance drugs from Canada because of the high cost associated with buying these same prescription drugs in the U.S.

To enable more Americans access to vital medications, we have started the Campaign (or CPPI) to advocate on behalf of the millions who otherwise have no voice because of the outside interests who use money and pressure in Washington and across the country to protect their profit margins.

I hope you will join us in becoming more active… giving your voice to this important issue… writing your Member of Congress and other elected officials… participating in rallies, campaign events, and town halls… or simply telling us your story or that of someone you know and love who imports their health maintenance drugs from a trusted, reliable, and licensed Canadian pharmacy. Creating noise and making that noise – and your voice – heard across the country is critical to the success of the Campaign.

Join us!

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I am taking a life-long medication which costs nearly $400 per 3 month supply in US .My Canadian pharmacy charges less than one forth of that amount. Many seniors in the US would go without their life-saving meds if you pass the Drug Act through congress.

Please don't pass.


The Domain Reform for Unlawful Drug Sellers (DRUGS) Act if passed through congress would kill me both financially and literaly. I get my COPD drug through a Canadian pharmacy at one quarter of the price I would have to pay at a US pharmacy. I need this drug to live. Do not pass the DRUG act through congress PLEASE.


Lona Elwood

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