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Legislation introduced late last week by Senators Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Marco Rubio (FL) would rob seniors of affordable daily medications and is backed and paid for by front organizations for big pharmaceutical companies.

Today, CPPI Executive Director Jack Pfeiffer joined Minnesota radio host Dan “Ox” Oschner on KNSI 99.3FM radio, based in St. Cloud, Minnesota, to shine a light on Senator Amy Klobuchar’s DRUGS Act and her betrayal seniors in Minnesota and across America.

KNSI 99.3FM Radio 12-21-2021 “Ox in the Afternoon” – Politicians, Drugs and Big Pharma Lobbying Money

“Senator Klobuchar staked her reputation on fighting for Americans’ access to affordable drugs. Now, inexcusable Klobuchar has done a full 180 and introduced the DRUGS Act, a bill supported by Big Pharma front groups, that would end any ability for seniors to access affordable drugs internationally,” says Pfeiffer.

CPPI is asking Minnesotans to call Senator Klobuchar at 612-727-5220 and tell her “NO DRUGS ACT.”

The Big Pharma funded backers of the DRUGS Act purport that the bill would address illegal sales of opioids online. However, the bill fails to even mention the words opioids or fentanyl.

“Instead, the bill targets ‘non-domestic’ pharmacies – pharmacies that millions of Americans depend on for safe and affordable drugs. Safe, licensed international pharmacies require valid prescriptions and don’t sell controlled substances. In truth, the special interest groups backing the DRUGS Act have made a habit of shamelessly using the opioid crisis to attack prescription importation from international pharmacies where Americans have been saving 50 to 90 percent on the same medicines,” Pfeiffer explained.

Previously, Klobuchar was a champion of bipartisan legislation to allow importation of safe affordable drugs from Canada for personal use. Just one year after entering the Senate in 2008, Klobuchar co-sponsored the Pharmaceutical Market Access and Drug Safety Act and has been the Democratic lead author of the Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act since 2014.

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