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Drugs prices keep going up, that’s no secret. Despite the fact that more and more Americans are being forced to choose between necessities like rent and food and their prescription drugs, Big Pharma wants us to believe it is for our own good. After all, they say, prices are high because they’re developing the next generation of prescription drugs. But it’s not that simple.

Data from 2014 shows the world’s top 10 drug makers spent, with the exception of one company, more on marketing and sales than they did on R&D. So the actual reason for high drug prices seems to be so Big Pharma can fund the next generation of pharmaceutical ads. For millions of Americans high drug prices are an immediate and continuing problem. The government is doing little to help and the pharmaceutical industry seems interested only in posting big profits. Sick Americans aren’t interested in padding Big Pharma’s ad budget; they’re too busy trying to make ends meet.

Millions of Americans have found relief by ordering their prescription drugs online. Ordering from a safe, reputable Canadian online pharmacy has saved millions of Americans up to 80% on the cost of their prescription drugs. It should be an option open to everyone. You can help by writing to Congress and telling them personal importation is important to you and should be available to all Americans.

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