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This morning, we issued a press release and an open letter to U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell regarding today’s Drug Pricing Forum. Per the forum’s website, issues discussed will include innovation, access, and affordability.

The planned focus of the forum is specialty medications. We had hoped to be in attendance for the event to discuss the issue of importation and the millions of Americans who rely on safe, affordable health maintenance drugs from reliable, licensed, legitimate Canadian pharmacies. Perhaps our invite got lost in the mail… or our seat is being occupied by one of Big Pharma’s lobbyists.

We hope our letter and the supporting information will help Secretary Burwell and her colleagues at HHS as they move ahead in addressing this important issue – the cost of medications generally, the need to allow importation from Canada, and other ways to help Americans save money on health maintenance drugs.

You can watch a webcast of the forum here.

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