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By Arthur Janz of Elkhart, IN

The Domain Reform for Unlawful Drug Sellers (DRUGS) Act currently before Congress, is misguided and needs to be stopped. It would stop U.S. residents from ordering pharmaceuticals outside the U.S. It is touted as an anti-opioid bill, but it would cost people like me dearly.

I take Colchicine which is a very old medication that very reliably takes care of gout. Colchicine predates the FDA’s jurisdiction so it was not patented. Big Pharma saw an opportunity to gouge me by patenting the medication and raising the cost exponentially. For instance, a year’s supply of Colchicine at a U.S. Pharmacy would cost me $817.20 but I purchased a year’s supply from a Canadian pharmacy for $239.35. $577.85 in savings in one year may not seem like much, but to older Americans living on a fixed income, it could be a life-saver.

Please contact your representatives and let them know that you do not support this bill.

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