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In the latest move to take action on high drug prices, a new bill in the Senate would require Big Pharma to include prices in prescription drug ads.

While there is still some question as to how this would work in practice, obviously Big Pharma is opposed to including pricing information in their ads mainly because they say that the price would not be accurate after insurance, rebates and other factors are taken into consideration.

Perhaps the larger question is whether or not including this information in ads would make any difference whatsoever on how drug prices are set or how drugs are paid for by consumers and insurers.

Clearly, the response from Big Pharma indicates acknowledgement that paying for prescription drugs is confusing and can be misleading since it is often difficult for consumers to figure out what they will pay for a drug.

Yet, it is one small step toward change and raises many questions that are sparking debate and discussion, which is getting attention.

We are hopeful that efforts to shine light into the darkest corners of the high drug pricing landscape will lead to positive changes for the millions of Americans who struggle to afford skyrocketing drug prices.

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