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In countless media stories, highly questionable and aggressive tactics of the #BigPharma lobby have been exposed. It is no secret that lawmakers are being pressured and manipulated by an army of lobbyists with deep pockets. In fact, #BigPharma lobbying spending has already surpassed $145 million in the first half of 2017, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

While the ads paint a pretty picture of caring about patients, in reality #BigPharma uses its heavy influence to keep drug prices high at the peril of people who struggle to afford life-sustaining and life-saving medications. Most recently, the New York Times highlighted this aggressive campaign in the news analysis – Big Pharma Can’t Lose – which can be accessed at

This is not a debate, it is a matter of record. The list of #BigPharma atrocities is long, and growing every day, which is why we must not lose sight of the fight. We must continue to raise our voices and express our commitment to fighting for access to safe and affordable medications.

Stand with us and do not lose sight of the goal – as a community, we can make a difference.

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