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I am proud to join the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation to help ensure patients in the U.S. have access to safe and affordable daily medications imported from Canada.

For nearly 20 years, I have fought for patients – from preventing chronic conditions to supporting the search for cures and treatments to treat the most devastating and debilitating conditions. In fact, I made the decision to pursue a career focused on healthcare when I served as a caregiver to people who had life-threatening diseases and witnessed their daily struggles.

I grew up in Michigan, downriver from Detroit – and as such, I watched the rise and fall of the auto industry. I saw firsthand the hardship of job loss and resulting financial struggles and tough trade-offs that must be made, including foregoing or delaying doctor visits and not adhering to medication regimens. Even for Americans who have jobs, or have retired with a pension, it is still a struggle to afford daily medications.

My background and experience has been critical in helping to understand the policy, financial and system implications of proposals being debated in Washington each day. But most importantly, I have an understanding of the real impact on patients. There is often no debating, negotiating or reconciling the harsh realities that they face – and they must make difficult decisions that affect their lives and families.

For nearly a decade, I worked on behalf of the biopharmaceutical industry and was on the frontlines of numerous high stakes policy and legislative battles. I believe that all stakeholders must work together to serve the best interests of patients. I am not anti-industry, I’m just pro-patient.

The high cost of drugs is out of control and there are safe and affordable options. More than a policy issue or a healthcare system issue, this is a human issue.

Patients deserve better, fighting for their rights is a privilege and I am honored to join the fight.

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