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Today, the Food and Drug Administration released a “Safe Importation Action Plan” that outlines how to implement importation pathways in the U.S. to help Americans access safe and affordable medication.

The significance of this plan should not be underestimated since this is the first time that the FDA has clearly stated its intention to support efforts to import medications through a safe and secure regulatory pathway.

There are two options described in the Action Plan – Importation from Canada and importation from other countries. For states seeking to setup importation plans, this provides clear guidance on how they can approach ensuring that these medications are safely included in the U.S. drug supply chain.

This is a considerable development in the fight for importation and accessibility of affordable medications and we believe a very positive step forward.

The time to stand up and show your support has never been more urgent! Please reach out to your elected official and encourage their support by visiting our Contact Congress page TODAY!

Check out the full Action Plan here.

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