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Today, President Trump made remarks that he will soon be releasing new proposals to bring down the high cost of pharmaceuticals.

As he states, “If you compare our drug prices to other countries in the world, in some cases it’s many times higher for the exact same pill or whatever it is, in the exact same package made in the exact same plant.”

He blames the lack of action to bring down the price of drugs on the powerful drug lobby that exists from pressures from Big Pharma. He has vowed previously to do something and there has been a long period of inaction, but he seems to have renewed vigor this time to get it down. Let’s hope this is the case, at least.

He makes a good point that drugs are the same regardless of the country that they are sold in, which is why personal prescription importation from Canada is an ideal solution for lowering the high price of drugs in the U.S.

The reality is that millions of Americans have imported their medications from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada and it’s past time for Washington to wake up and face that reality – it just works.

Read more about the President’s remarks here:

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