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The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently covered the Pharmacy Checker complaint against several pharmacy groups in the U.S.

These groups pose as consumer watchdogs but in reality they seek to block access to safe and affordable drug importation by spreading lies and misinformation.

As described by EFF’s Mitch Stoltz:

The pharmacy groups’ influence campaign against Pharmacy Checker is a classic example of shadow regulation—the use of private agreements with the Internet’s gatekeepers to regulate the speech of others. Pharmacy Checker’s antitrust suit is an important testcase for fighting back against unaccountable private speech policing.

EFF has a long history of exposing the deceitful tactics of Big Pharma, and these groups represent one example of how they exert their influence by creating a culture of fear as it relates to drug importation.

As Stoltz writes:

these organizations treat any personal importation of drugs into the U.S. as illegitimate and harmful, even when it’s permitted under the FDA’s discretionary policy. While these efforts help to stop the importation of dangerous drugs, they also insulate U.S. pharmacies and drug manufacturers from price competition, helping them to maintain high prices. These groups collectively have close ties to manufacturers, through their trade association PhRMA. Many advisers and lobbyists from the pharmaceutical industry now work for one of these organizations.

If you are tired of paying outrageously high prices for medications in the U.S. and need access to safe and affordable daily health maintenance medications, please visit this link.

The full article can be accessed here.

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