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It was a bit disconcerting to open my email and see a Bloomberg news story talking about the increase in drug prices. This time, the article talked about how in just seven years some drugs increased 75 % (in other cases much more).

Here’s a great chart to compare all manner of drugs. Check it out… sadly, you won’t be too surprised.

How do pharmaceutical companies substantiate these costs? It can’t be because they aren’t profitable.

I guess there’s no real reason other than: we can do it and no one can stop us. I suppose it all boils down to how much leverage someone can use to ensure they have a monopoly. Could it be they are leaning on Members of Congress by spending millions in lobbying? (Oh… they were only #9.) And now they are hoping that a major trade pact (TPP) is passed to help shore up their monopoly.

Meanwhile, 35 million Americans aren’t adhering to their prescription regimen because of cost. So millions of people are splitting pills, cutting back on dosages, or just not taking their health maintenance meds. This has to stop. And it can…

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