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A June 2020 price comparison between Canadian and U.S. prescription drugs, conducted by the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI), found that brand name prescription drugs that patients seek in America are actually available at up to 88% savings from licensed Canadian pharmacies. CPPI has consistently found that, even with coupon discounts, prescription drugs that Americans struggle to pay for at their local or BigBox pharmacies are on average 50% to 80% cheaper from Canadian pharmacies.

President Trump recently boasted that 2019 was the first time in 52 years that prescription drug costs did not rise. The truth is that for most Americans, prescription medications are getting harder, not easier to afford. Over 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment since March and it is estimated that over 27 million have lost health insurance coverage resulting from Coronavirus job losses.

While Congress and the Administration continue debating approaches to lower healthcare and prescription drug costs, millions of Americans are finding affordable prices from Canadian pharmacies.

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