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And with this headline a doctor speaks the truth – high drug pricing indeed kills patients. Today’s Baltimore Sun features an op-ed from a doctor, Nicky Mehtani, highlighting how access to medications can have fatal outcomes.

As she explains, doctors cannot list “inability to pay” as a cause of death on death certificates, yet in some cases there is ‘no truer underlying cause of death than the blatant unaffordability of her prescription medications.’

She describes the recent death of one woman from ‘inexplicably high drug prices that are intentionally set by pharmaceutical companies to turn the greatest profit.’

Unfortunately, her story is not unique. As Mehtani points out, ‘One in four Americans report difficulty affording their prescription drugs, and one in eight say they or a family member have rationed doses due to high costs. Nearly 80 percent of Americans want the government to limit what pharmaceutical corporations charge, and 72 percent support allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with drug corporations.’

This is a welcome perspective of the realities facing Americans from a doctor who is on the frontlines dealing with these issues on a regular basis. We support sharing the truth and uncovering the tragedies that result from the high drug pricing crisis.

Join us today and fight back!

Read the full op-ed here:

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