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Washington, D.C. – The Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI) today called for Congress to expand access to affordable medicines from online Canadian pharmacies, while highlighting key findings of a new national survey conducted by the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP Global) that found an increasing number of American purchasing medications online.

“U.S. drug prices are outrageously high and the number of Americans turning to online pharmacies to access affordable prescription medications continues to increase, ” says Jack Pfeiffer, Executive Director of the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation. “It is time for Congress to take clear action ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable prescription drugs from safe and licensed online Canadian pharmacies.”


  • Nearly half of Americans (42%), up 7% from last year, are currently purchasing medications online largely due to benefits of convenience and cost.

  • 64% of those individuals who purchased prescription medication online for the first time this year report that they will continue to do so after the pandemic ends.

  • Nearly half of Americans would be open to purchasing prescription medicines from an online source (such as online Canadian pharmacies) if it increased their access, decreased their cost, and provided convenience to more medicines.

CPPI’s own research shows that ordering from online Canadian pharmacies compared to leading U.S. pharmacy competitors such as Amazon, CVS, GoodRx, and Walgreens offers American patients:

  • 50% to 90% savings on the same name brand medications

  • $2,736 average annual savings

  • And online pharmacies recommended by CPPI like those certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association report a 100% perfect safety record

CPPI’s research evidences that online pharmacy shoppers are able to identify scammers. In the 2018 and 2019 CPPI Annual Surveys, the majority of respondents (78% and 77% respectively) knew how to spot “rogue” pharmacies and were savvy in their search to find an online pharmacy that they can trust. Furthermore, nearly half of respondents (43%) selected an online pharmacy because it was a verified/certified site.

As a patient advocacy organization CPPI works to educate patients with regular updates about potential rogue actors, and maintains guidance for patients on how to find safe certified pharmacies.

“While CPPI research shows online pharmacy shoppers are shrewd against scammers, we strongly encourage patients to remain vigilant and to only shop at certified online pharmacies,” said Jack Pfeiffer.

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