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Today, Huffington Post published this op-ed from our Executive Director on the right of all Americans to access safe and affordable prescription medications.

As the op-ed points out, “…despite years of public debate and promises from lawmakers to take action, little has been done to bring down pharmaceutical costs in the U.S. Skyrocketing drug prices have created a serious health and economic crisis for millions of Americans. Approximately one-fourth of Americans find it difficult to afford their daily medications, according to a December 2017 Kaiser Family Foundation report.”

The reality is that millions of Americans have purchased their personal prescriptions from licensed and legitimate online pharmacies in Canada. Americans should not be forced to choose between paying for their mortgage or groceries and paying for life-saving medications.

BigPharma is getting away with murder and we already have a solution that is working, it is time for lawmakers to act.

If you need to find a pharmacy that you can trust, please visit

Check out the full op-ed here:

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