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News of astronomical prescription drug price hikes have become all too common, but this headline overshadows any we have seen to date.

A drug to treat epilepsy in children increased from $40 a vial in 2000 to $39,000 this year. The treatment regimen typically requires at least three vials over the course of several weeks, which would bankrupt the overwhelming majority of American families.

Ultimately, the drugmaker paid a $100 million settlement to the Government and it was also revealed that Medicare spent nearly $2 billion covering the drug. In addition, the drugmaker paid millions to prescribing doctors.

Let’s be clear – this is a life-saving drug for children. The company initially said that they had to increase the price because they weren’t making enough money from the drug in order to stay in business. The price increase of the drug resulted in billions of dollars of profit for the company, and its executives made millions.

This story is about greed and what happens when it is out of control, there are no corporate talking points that can hide that truth. This family profiled in the story are among the heroes fighting everyday for change.

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