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Recently, CircleID – an online source for Internet policy, rulemaking and governance information and exchange – published this op-ed from CPPI’s Executive Director Tracy Cooley on the importance of access to safe and affordable prescription medications through licensed and legitimate online pharmacies.

“The global marketplace available through the Internet can provide patients with fair prices for life-saving prescription medications,” writes Cooley.

The piece also raises the use of the .Pharmacy domain name. Misleading information along with impractical website registration criteria seek to erode patients’ trust in licensed, legitimate online pharmacies that have chosen not to register or are blocked from using a .Pharmacy domain name.

As Cooley asserts, “Only licensed, legitimate online pharmacies should be able to sell prescription medications upon receipt of a valid prescription and with adherence to proper safety protocols. However, neither the location of the licensed pharmacy, the domain it uses, nor the location of the patient should impact affordability or access.”

Bottom line – Any Internet protocol or policy should reflect the realities of how people use the Internet today. In some cases, the Internet is the only access patients have to affordable maintenance medications. Internet policymaking should embrace safe, legitimate pharmacy websites regardless of their location and domain name. To do otherwise is to allow the Internet to be used as a tool for censorship.

Read the full op-ed here:

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