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This weekend, a group of patient advocates and families traveled from Minnesota to Ontario Canada to access affordable insulin as the medication price has nearly doubled over the past four years.

Insulin is temperature sensitive, which can cause issues with shipping, but traveling to Canada to purchase the medications can yield tremendous cost savings. (Please note that some anti-diabetes medications can be purchased online, including diabeta, glucophage, and glucovance, among many others.)

In total, the group saved nearly $22,000 in medication costs for their insulin. In the U.S., a vial costs approximately $275 whereas in Canada patients only pay $30 on average.

Studies have shown that one in four Americans are rationing their insulin because they can’t afford it.

The group that hosted the caravan – T1 International – is a wonderful resource for the latest facts on the rising price of insulin and offers assistance in accessing affordable medication. Please visit their website at

For more on the caravan and to read stories of people who have been affected by the outrageous cost of insulin in the U.S., please visit the following links for the latest news stories:

Check out this CBS News video:

Check out the story in Reuters:

Check out the story from a local broadcast station in Canada:

Image: T1 International

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