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Bloomberg columnist Joe Nocera exposes questionable practices of a #BigPharma company in claiming a partnership with a patient advocacy group, although the group never formally agreed to engage in a partnership with the company.

Is this an isolated example of a dubious ‘partnership’ approach employed by #BigPharma? We don’t think so.

Of particular note in this piece is the role of a patient to advocate and engage on an issue that was important to him and others like him, and we think this is a good example to follow.

After all, your perspective is the most important in any discussion on the need for access to safe and affordable prescription medications, yet the patient voice is too often lost and overwhelmed by the greed and power of #BigPharma.

We believe that public shaming should be more common against #BigPharma to bring to light corporate practices that threaten patients by inhibiting access to life-saving prescription medications.

The full article can be accessed at

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