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Breaking records is a good thing when you are an Olympic athlete, but breaking records is not a good thing when your goal is to keep #RxPrices high for hard-working Americans.

So, when the news that #BigPharma has broken several quarterly lobbying spending records so far in 2018, we heaved a sigh of grief. Nearly $10 million has been spent trying to block efforts to lower the outrageous cost of medications, including trying to block generic companies from studying their products in an effort to bring lower cost options to the market.

#BigPharma increased its lobbing spending by approximately $2 million compared to first quarter last year. This may be a sign that #BigPharma is recognizing that their monopolies will soon have a day of reckoning, and we sincerely hope that the madness will end soon.

In the meantime, we urge you to share your story with lawmakers. They need to hear from you to understand the realities of millions of Americans struggling to afford their prescription medications.

Visit this link today and share your story!

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