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A good op-ed by Gabriel Levitt, Vice-President of, appeared on Morning Consult the other day. It was a great read and I think everyone should take a look. It was about how millions of Americans have ordered drugs from online pharmacies to save themselves millions on their drug costs. The article dealt with a few of the myths and generalizations Big Pharma and its allies have created around personal importation as well.

Big Pharma wants Americans to believe that if a pharmacy isn’t American or a drug is imported from outside the US, it’s unsafe. This ignores a few basic facts:

  • 40% of drugs sold in the US, and 80% of active pharmaceutical ingredients used in drugs sold in the US, are made outside the United States.

  • After 15 years of buying prescription medications online from pharmacies which require a prescription, there is no reported evidence of harm to any patient.

  • Canadian online pharmacies that are licensed and regulated by the College of Pharmacists where they are located are extremely safe. They require prescriptions and have trained pharmacists on staff to oversee dispensing. They obtain medications only from reputable sources and have an excellent safety record. Check out the Canadian International Pharmacy Association for a list of safe online pharmacies.

We know Big Pharma’s motivation is far from altruistic; they’re primarily concerned about their bottom line. Personal importation is a threat to their record profits.

Unlike many Americans who are struggling to pay for their medication and other necessities, Big Pharma isn’t hurting financially. Consumer Reports recently reported Americans spent $424 billion in 2015 on prescription drugs alone. Worldwide, pharmaceutical sales in 2015 topped $1 trillion. Consider that…in 2015 the US, which accounts for about 4.5% of the world’s population, accounted for 42% of the global pharmaceutical industry’s revenue.

For many Americans, personal importation is the only way they can afford the lifesaving medication they need. If they had to buy it at home, they simply wouldn’t. The high cost of prescription drugs forces them to cut doses, skip doses, not take their medication or cut back on other necessities.

This has to end! Americans do not deserve this kind of treatment. There is a clear and immediate solution available, personal importation of safe, affordable prescription drugs from Canada. It should be an option for all Americans. It’s time for congress to act and pass The Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act. Contact your candidates, congressperson and senators! Tell them you want them to support H.R.2228 and S.122. Tell them personal importation is the only way you and your family have been able to afford the drugs you need to live.

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