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Americans struggling to pay skyrocketing high drug prices do not have the luxury of time. Many people are forced to find a way to access their medications now. Below are a couple of their stories:

When Ellen was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, she was shocked at the cost of her prescription in the U.S. – $600 each month with insurance. She did some research online and found that the exact same medication cost less than $100 in Canada. After consulting with her doctor, she was able to transfer her prescription to a Canadian online pharmacy and has been importing her medication monthly since her diagnosis. The irony is that the medication is not even manufactured in the U.S. yet the cost in this country is considerably higher compared to other countries.
A 55-year-old father of two from Minneapolis says, “If I had to pay full price for my medications in the U.S., it would have a severe impact on my family’s budget.” For the past two years, he has been ordering his medications from an online pharmacy in Canada and he saves approximately 75% compared to U.S. prices. If he was unable to order from Canada, his medications would cost approximately $14,000 per year in the U.S.

These are just a couple stories to highlight the struggles that many Americans face on a daily basis. There are millions of stories like these, and the situation is only getting worse as Big Pharma continues to raise praises with no one doing anything to stop them.

Importation offers Americans a safe and affordable option to exorbitant high drug prices. Visit this link today and start saving!

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