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Recently, Roger Bate at the American Enterprise Institute released a report – Personal Medicine Importation: What are the Risks, and How they can be Mitigated?

In the report, Bate addresses the precautions that people should take in order to access safe and affordable medications through personal importation.

As he writes:

…a growing body of evidence, including empirical evidence in this report, demonstrates that foreign pharmacies credentialed by independent groups sell safe medicines. Furthermore, as high drug prices increasingly come to dominate conversations on health reform, politicians on both the left and right are beginning to see the benefits of limited personal importation…

Clearly, Bate recognizes the benefits of personal importation, especially as prices in the U.S. continue to climb! In fact, he offers the following chart to show the difference in prices among various countries:

As the chart indicates, Americans subsidize drugs for the rest of the world. Access to medications should be a human right, not a privilege reserved for the wealthy.

While opponents of importation cite safety as the main reason for not importing, the safety argument uses scare tactics when in reality Big Pharma’s motivation is to protect their profits.

As Bates writes, “…the reason importation remains illegal without explicit authorization from the FDA is due to economics and politics, not safety.”

This really is the bottom line, medications are exorbitantly expensive in the U.S. and it is not necessary.

Personal importation offers Americans access to safe and affordable medications from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada.

For the full report, click here.

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