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“Advocacy” is a term that has multiple meanings and in healthcare it is perhaps most often used to refer to protecting, caring for and empowering patients.

While not everyone may understand the importance of advocacy until they are diagnosed with a serious medical condition, everyone can understand the devastating impact of not being able to afford and, therefore, access prescription medications.

I have heard too many stories of people losing their life or their livelihood because they were not able to afford their medications. Personally, this is why I fight for access to safe and affordable pharmaceuticals through personal prescription importation and I urge everyone who reads this to join me in this fight.

Recently, I attended a conference hosted by a front group for Big Pharma and throughout the event, they referred to patients as uneducated, naïve and unaware. I’ve worked in healthcare for more than 20 years, and I’ve never heard patients talked about in such a disrespectful and condescending manner.

But here’s the reality: People who have challenges affording safe medications aren’t stupid and thousands of people import their personal prescriptions through licensed, legitimate online pharmacies each year.

Yet we agree with our opponents on one point – before ordering any medications online, it is critically important to identify a pharmacy that you can trust, which is why we share guidelines on how to navigate to a licensed, legitimate online pharmacy here. If you or your friends and family are struggling with accessing safe and affordable prescription medications, please use and share this link.

I have heard from hundreds of people who currently are ordering their personal prescription medications safely and affordably and they have shared their stories with us. These stories help us advocate for lower prices through personal prescription importation, we cannot fight this issue without being armed with these stories.

Please reach out to us and share your story. Stand up for your rights and don’t let Big Pharma get away with wreaking havoc on the U.S. healthcare system in their quest for increased profits. Share your story today:

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