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‘Getting a second opinion’ may be a tired refrain, but most people believe in getting two or more opinions when it comes to critical health decisions. So if two providers can agree, how about more than 50 providers agreeing on an important health decision?

Prescription Justice recently shared a letter signed by more than 50 health professionals addressed to the President, members of Congress and the Food and Drug Administration urging them to permit personal prescription importation.

As the letter states, “Our patients… have received safe and effective medications from legitimate pharmacies in Canada… We respect that the FDA is charged with protecting our nation’s medicine supply from counterfeit and otherwise substandard drugs. However, there is no logical reason why the FDA should interfere with the delivery of safe and effective medications to our patients.”

This message seems to be pretty clear – these providers would not risk their careers and reputation unless they were convinced through the experience of their patients that personal prescription importation is safe and affordable.

If you are a health care provider who wants to share your perspective with key decision makers, please reach out to us at

You can read the Prescription Justice letter here.

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